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Pottery for Sale- New Items being added often

A nice collection of bowls and plates that can add a little color to your kitchen.

Note that all pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe

Berry bowl (Colander)   $29

Blue Berry bowl with plate 

8" wide by 3" high  


Baked Brie with crackers on a plate $36 for the set

Nice combination. Brie bowl and plate are normally $24 each.


Serving Bowl with Purple Glaze $55

12" Round by 3" High


Mug  $15

Purple Mug

Mug Purple Glaze 4" wide by 5" tall $15

Quiche In Purple    $29

Used for quiche , about 10" wide by 2" high


Spongeholder  $10

A cute addition near the sink to hold a sponge. About 4" round by 3-4"high.


Large Serving Bowl Blue $45

A good size serving bowl. Nice for salad or pasta. About 10" across and 4" high


Tulip Bowl - Priced by size

Pinched sides give a sense of a tulip flower. These bowls are nice for table serving. We use them for microwaving vegetables and you can serve directly to the table.  Run from 6-8" wide by 3-5" high

Tulip Bowl - Purple
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