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Under Construction-How our pots are made

This is the process

All our pots are made from clay in two forms. One is moist clay that is formed by hand using a wheel and other tools. The Second is method called slip casting which uses clay powder suspended in water and poured into plaster molds.  
The photos below show the key parts of the process


Raw Clay-we purchase clay commercially

We place the clay on a wheel, center it and then begin forming a piece


Forming a Pot

Using a wheel and tools to shape and form

When dry trim and sand to clean it up

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Bisque Fire

Heat in a propane fired kiln to 1900 degrees to get a hard pot able to withstand glazing

Quiche Set.jpg
Large Plate.jpg


Apply Chemicals suspended in water to form a glaze when fired


Slip Casting

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Glaze Firing

New Addition

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